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Fun at the movies

Movie displays can often be amusing. Last week, when Mishu and I went to the movies, I couldn’t resist posing behind the Mall Cop display. I sometimes forget I’m 28.




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I miss my grandpa

simpson_abuelo1It hit me… one afternoon, a couple of teens were at the store with an old gentleman I soon realized was their grandfather. The kid hugged him and said I loved you. I envied that long-haired teen bastard, but just swallowed my grief. I was envious cause there aren’t that many memories of both of my grandfathers for me: I mean, one of them died just before I turned 8, and I didn’t see him that often. The other died of cancer when I was 17, and I’m pretty sure he confused me for one or several of my cousins during the remaining years of his life. So there, I had no older version of Dad lying around, no cuddly geriatric to call my own. Although I dedicated my second book to my grandparents from Dad’s side, it still doesn’t cut it enough. Grandpa, where are you?


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Guatemalan The Onion reader holds issue really close to face

Renowned onion peeler and starving artist Luis Fernando Alejos holds a recent issue of The Onion really close to his face. He wears prescription eyeglasses, but “theres something about the quality of the ink and paper that just screams for an upclose and personal approach to the reading experience”, he claims.



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