About to engage in serious pizza activities…

5 responses to “About

  1. A boy in spirit, but a Duff Man otherwise. I’m a communications major from Guatemala, with a soft spot for just causes, cuddly creatures, animated tv series and pop culture. Writer, photographer, (say) uncle, son, brother, lover and recent swimmer.

  2. Good to see you around!!. Well well well, cant wait to read your novel!.
    Can’t find the exact words to say everything, but its nice to get in touch with you again. Have a wonderfull week!!

    • It’s so good to hear from you again, Paola! Has it been more than a year? I think so. Let’s not be strangers. Hope you enjoy the novel (you can download for free the spanish version at librosminimos.org) once it’s published 🙂

  3. A man of few words, but oh so choice words. Delish.

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