Does your country…?

Does your country enacts its officials to persecute “enemies of the state”? Mine does.

Does your country allows president elects that have confessed to assassinations, to take office? Mine does.

Does your country asks state employees to “donate” part of their wages to the official party? Mine does.

Does your country rounds up people from rural and urban sides alike (while threatening to retrieve welfare benefits if they refuse) to “show support” for the administration? Mine does.

Does your country play musical chairs with its population?

I think you’ve guessed the answer…



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6 responses to “Does your country…?

  1. I was reading more about it in the papers yesterday. It’s a horrible situation.

  2. aniche

    wow this shd be like in some paper or something.

  3. Thanks man, from someone who knows political and social issues such as yourself, that means a lot. 🙂

  4. I can’t say I know an excessive amount about your country, but I do know that Josh took a good hard look at Canadian politics versus what he’s come to know of American politics. His verdict? “Fuck it, get me out of here! I’m coming to Canada!” Most days I don’t understand how the rest of the world keeps turning…

    • With Michael Moore’s documentaries, I’ve come to admire what Canada has done in terms of healthcare and crime rates, so I’m with Josh on that one. Ours is a sad silly world, no doubt about it.

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