You tweet, you piss off the wrong people, you get arrested

Guatemala’s current political and social mayhem (derived from the recent execution of a whistle blower attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg) has proved that social media is not a place where you can speak your mind without fear of retribution. Guatemalan tweeter Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández, an information technology worker, was arrested today, charged with “financial panic”. Here’s the whole story:



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8 responses to “You tweet, you piss off the wrong people, you get arrested

  1. Vic

    No words for this.Last post on “Ventana Urbana” was related to banrural and one´s journalist dead.It´s really hard to believe.

  2. Not journalist, lawyer. It’s really awful. 😦

  3. Vic

    Sorry i misunderstood :@

  4. What an incredible story.

    • Thankfully, twitters from Guatemala and the world united in an effort to collect the bail money, and now he’s under house arrest. The “thankfully” part is how people came together, not the fact that he’s still deprived of basic rights… but still, that’s something.

  5. Twitter has pros and cons like any technology. Sure, people like to stalk other people (myspace, facebook, twiitter…) but it is getting a bit ridiculous now. We dont need to know every second of everyones life. I dont care about that huge dump you took or that you think you have swine flu. Haha. Seriously, all of this personal information gets shot into cyber space and the whole world can view it. I realize that my blogs are public but they are not thought stream posts, they are thought out. Twitter is not thought out. You just write an update. It sucks that this guy got arrested but maybe he shouldn’t have broken the rules on a public forum. Sure, you can raise awareness with Twitter but not every country will let you have the right to free speech. Anonymity would have been a better approach

    • I agree with you that a lot of tweets are outrageously mundane, that’s part of the medium (people who tweet from their phones or other mobile devices). However, lawyers and institutions alike have agreed that the law that was passed last year, were the term “financial panic” came into effect, needs further revision, because it may contradict some basic constitutional rights. I guess a lot of guatemalans are getting tired of being anonymous and angry, people are now more outspoken than ever, although that has it’s price as you can see.

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