Fun at the movies

Movie displays can often be amusing. Last week, when Mishu and I went to the movies, I couldn’t resist posing behind the Mall Cop display. I sometimes forget I’m 28.




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9 responses to “Fun at the movies

  1. Nothing wrong in acting 8 instead of 28. I think that humans need to keep that part of their lives or we just age terribly and get bitter.

  2. You got that right! I think that’s a part of my personality I enjoy, the playful side 😀

  3. Vic

    i didn´t mind if only you acting like a child …me also always forget i´m a women of 32 :S (but my heart don´t think so):P

  4. I think that we can have fun despite whatever our age is, remember that Blink 182 song 😉

  5. Well, I was just telling someone the other day that I still love making crank calls. I always do it when I am in a group setting and more likely than not, shitfaced. Nobody would have ever guessed…but pranking runs in my family.

    BTW, my hand would have reached under and up with a possible bird flip 🙂

  6. Reviewing this photo once more, I think the addition of a donut in your hand would have been colorful.

  7. Hahaha, a bird flip and a donut would’ve made for a pretty naughty edge, so true. I don’t know about crank calls, but with alcohol you never know 😉

  8. I just love it how we can act all childish around each other… I just love U!!!!

  9. Yeeii, Duffboy loves his Duffgirl!

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