It’s a good thing we stayed

Life never ceases to amaze me. With 12 ounces of energy-drink goodness inside me, I explain: my worrisome self has become a more upbeat and positive character. Just started my first romantic relationship in a few years, and I’m happier than I had been in very long time (ignoring all the voices that go “dude, you’re going too fast, don’t get so carried away by the nubile and seemingly flawless start”). On top of that, I just finished editing and getting together an alternative first print of a poet’s debut book El niño que buscaba venganza (The kid who was looking for revenge); it’s what I’d call a 27 page anti-love letter, but a great one at that.

I’m quite sure I’m done with most of therapy, and you know… I feel Ok with that. I’m grateful with all that I’ve learned from her, and now I’m ready to move ahead. I’m procastinating a lot less you know… and so, I think of this uplifting Verve tune: Lucky Man. ‘Cause I am one 🙂



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6 responses to “It’s a good thing we stayed

  1. That’s a great song, and I’m happy for you and your positive outlook! Let’s keep it that way 🙂

  2. Thanks Romi girl! I’m more positive that I’ve been in quite a while. Hope everything’s coming up Romi, so to speak 😉

  3. Good for you being on the up-and-up! I can’t say anything but good things about fun new relationships. Josh and I met right over wordpress, and within a few months we were all ‘I love you!’ Sometimes going fast just means you know where you’re going 😉

  4. That’s so good to hear Em. When I think about marriage, leaving Guatemala, even if it’s a year from now (and just a plan, with no visible next actions in the making aside from good intentions), it’s comforting to learn about couples such as you and Josh, who have fought 800 miles, and tons of other hardcore difficulties. Here’s to love, peace or else, as U2 would say 🙂

  5. Let´s kick those voices´ asses baby! jijijiji you know it´s scary for me 2.. but you know what…. I´m grateful for what is happening with us… we are a lucky couple… Let´s stop worrying about the going too fast and the overwhelming feelings… Let´s just enjoy it… Te amo!

  6. Oh, pero yo te amo Mishu! Many fears are disolving as we speak. You are the love of my life, and I’m feeling blessed and hopeful about are plans and life together 🙂

    PS. This Duffboy loves you so!

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