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Extreme group therapy
extreme debriefing
extreme public confessions
have an extreme taste with your Diet Pepsi

Extreme intoxications
Where are your extremely
cherished daughters?
Extreme moment of enlightment
Peformances nothing less than
extreme, alcoholic-like.
Homophobic extreme church goers
I had a dream, and Extreme
-the band- was playing
Moby was also there, rockin’
famous Extreme Ways.

My new relationship can only
be described as “extreme”
We’re going as fast as we can,
as rookies in the
extreme game of love.

Those late nights of extreme
are over
I got nothing but a most
humble approach for my sweet,
extreme girl.

The extremeness of life
has showed me a thing or two.



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It’s a good thing we stayed

Life never ceases to amaze me. With 12 ounces of energy-drink goodness inside me, I explain: my worrisome self has become a more upbeat and positive character. Just started my first romantic relationship in a few years, and I’m happier than I had been in very long time (ignoring all the voices that go “dude, you’re going too fast, don’t get so carried away by the nubile and seemingly flawless start”). On top of that, I just finished editing and getting together an alternative first print of a poet’s debut book El niño que buscaba venganza (The kid who was looking for revenge); it’s what I’d call a 27 page anti-love letter, but a great one at that.

I’m quite sure I’m done with most of therapy, and you know… I feel Ok with that. I’m grateful with all that I’ve learned from her, and now I’m ready to move ahead. I’m procastinating a lot less you know… and so, I think of this uplifting Verve tune: Lucky Man. ‘Cause I am one 🙂


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