I miss my grandpa

simpson_abuelo1It hit me… one afternoon, a couple of teens were at the store with an old gentleman I soon realized was their grandfather. The kid hugged him and said I loved you. I envied that long-haired teen bastard, but just swallowed my grief. I was envious cause there aren’t that many memories of both of my grandfathers for me: I mean, one of them died just before I turned 8, and I didn’t see him that often. The other died of cancer when I was 17, and I’m pretty sure he confused me for one or several of my cousins during the remaining years of his life. So there, I had no older version of Dad lying around, no cuddly geriatric to call my own. Although I dedicated my second book to my grandparents from Dad’s side, it still doesn’t cut it enough. Grandpa, where are you?



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2 responses to “I miss my grandpa

  1. 😦 I’m sorry Duffboy. I lost my dad’s parents when I was kid and do not have a lot of memories… I know how you feel. And it really makes you wonder if those kids know how lucky they are!

  2. Let’s hope they can appreciate them. When both my grandmas died i tried to see it from my parents’s point of view. It was tough, but I think I managed to love them as the sons and daughters they were, as If I was fulfilling their mother’s final wishes.

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