She’s Anna Graciela

Her name was a combination of a late grand-grandmother’s first name, and one of her grandma’s first name. She’s 6 lbs. of beauty. Also, I am 132 lbs. of “duff-ness” and pure joy.



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7 responses to “She’s Anna Graciela

  1. Is she yours?? Precious!!

  2. Thank you Talea, she’s my brother’s. Went to see her today, finally saw her open her eyes a little. =)

  3. Very very beautiful little girl. And I really like the name too!

  4. romi41

    awww….what a cutie pie! Just adorable 🙂

  5. you really looks so old, I can´t believe we have the same age lol, congratulation is a beatiful baby girl

  6. Romi: Double Thankies!

    Lunatrack: yeah man, we’re old!

    P.S. Triple Thankies!

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