A Duffboy marries a Duffgirl, part 1

It feels like forever since my last entry. What can I say? After some serious praying and talking, we were able to brush off the drama that came with a small civil ceremony (and passive-agressiveness from the usual suspects). Next day, the Married Ones, we drove about 90 miles to a small cottage near a town called Santa Catarina Palopó, overlooking Lake Atitlán. During 6 days we lived inside our own little bubble: enjoying the scenery (and feeling sad about the pollution that's affecting the lake), the love-making, the gaming, the cooking, our sporadic walks to the lake (where I managed to swim for the first time in a natural body of water :) conversation with an incredibly nice and intelligent guy called Sidney (who rented the cottage to us), the falling asleep together in a room with a view, sharing our hopes and fears... ok, this calls for another post. It's getting way too long. Expect Honey Moon Duff, all this week.

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6 responses to “A Duffboy marries a Duffgirl, part 1

  1. OMG I love Honey Moon Duff!!! Keep it up :-)

  2. The praying has helped a lot, great Honey Moon it was. Lots of talking and sharing. Lucky I’m in love with my best friend.

  3. I’m late to the party but congrats on getting married!!! I think I mentioned this before but I lived in Santiago for 6 months and Solola for 4 months before that. I LOVE Lake Atitlan and everything about the mountains!

    • It’s never late to say congrats ;) Lake Atitlán is amazing, no argument here. On the trip back I took a very rocky detour, by mistake, that allowed us to really embrace Sololás mountains. Hope you get a chance to return someday!

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