We’ll tie the knot, or another more poetic marital metaphor


I’m sorry for not keeping you updated with some really big recent Duffboy News: I’m getting married in just about a month from now! We won’t do the big event thing, no religious ceremony, and almost no friends at the civil ceremony. Times are tough, financial wise, so we just decided to skip our rockin wedding idea (we’ll maybe save some of those elements for the photo shoot, weeks later), and keep it simple. Am I stressed? A little bit. Does the warm feeling of finally becoming husband & wife outweight the prewedding jitters? You bet your ass it does! Romi should be proud ;)

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4 responses to “We’ll tie the knot, or another more poetic marital metaphor


  2. This means you’re getting married in about….two weeks?!?!?!

    I’m so excited for you! You’ve come along way and I remember your blog when you were a lost singleton like so many of us ;-)

    Big, pre-congrats! Will send you more congrats once it’s official :-D

    • Thank you, Romi! Single life is an extreme sport… I’m glad to be retiring from it, and training for that other extreme recreational activity: marriage. So glad to have your support through out the dating dryspell, the drama, and now joyful end to my mate search :)

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